Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yawn: Greetings from an Incurable Bedhead

Hello, family. How are you this afternoon? (Or evening, depending on your time zone.) ...Ah, that's too bad. I hope he feels better. I always find a little bit of vinegar applied directly to the sores can help with that.
How am I? Well, I'm tired, despite the fact that it's 12:30 and I got up an hour ago. I had a late night last night catching up with friends, but before you start forming an image of me as some kind of irresponsible, late-night crazy girl, let me tell you about what I did BEFORE the catching up (which happened online anyways, so it wasn't irresponsible or crazy at all. Just comfortably geeky.)
So I went running yesterday with some "supervisors" (a.k.a my grandparents - my mother won't let me run alone) who were willing to let me go pretty much until I ran out of steam. I run every day along the local boardwalk, and yesterday I ran all the way to the end, then all the way back, then halfway to the end again, and then walked back. Obviously you don't know how long that is (for all you know, my "boardwalk" is ten metres long and there's a fries stand halfway), so I'll give you an actual measurement: I ran approximately 5k. Now, this might not be very impressive to all of you regular people out there, but for me it's pretty freaking amazing. The fact that I didn't die while doing it makes it all the more impressive.
In summary, the running is going well. I am kind of neglecting the rest of my responsibilities, such as studying for my driving test, but for the duration of this blog post at least, I am going to be proud of myself.
And when I sign out of blogger and return to the real world - well then I can change out of my shortie pajamas, pluck my eyebrows and finally get to the end of Chapter 2 in my driving manual.

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